Being the first to discover ‘emerging art’... should be easy.

It’s hard to find the gems in the haystack. At FRAEMd, we make it possible to directly access exclusive artwork from the most talked about artists in the game.

How do we do this?

Handpicked talents.

We love all artists - people that aim to make this world a more interesting place. But to ensure value for you, we only showcase those TODAY that will most likely have an effect on TOMORROW.

What makes a great artist?

What the best artists have in common is the way they respond to today’s ‘Zeitgeist’ - an arty way of saying ‘today’s trends’.

Their art is a visual answer or reaction to what is happening right now. And if an artist is capable of changing your view on the world today through a beautiful artwork - we may as well call him or her ‘a great artist’.

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Illustrative example

Andy Warhol - recognised the upcoming trend of a rising consumer market around the 1960’s. From that moment on he focused mainly on bringing art closer to society by showing the familiar icons and called it: ‘Popular Art’.

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Art advisor Nina van Heuveln

How do we select our artists?

We work together with top tier galleries worldwide.

  • A close relationship with (inter)nationally renowned artists. Our very own board of art experts such as Jeannette ten Kate and Nina van Heuveln, carefully identify the galleries that have the following characteristics in common:
  • Are keen to draw on emerging talent.
  • strive to present actual developments in unique contemporary art.
  • An ambitious exhibition program and admission to the major art fairs.
  • Represent artists that have a serious commitment to their profession and a refreshing perspective on our world.

Art to live with.

We aim to showcase great art that will also fit and look good in your home; 2D works that suit your style and decor. Discover our preview tool.

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Purchase instantly.

When you have fallen in love with an artwork, we’ve made sure you can pay instantly and hassle free. No waiting on price requests - but a secure and private way to collect your favourite work.

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We love those that have a weak spot for art and so we only want to give you our best. From art advisory to the packaging that softly lands on your doorstep - we treat you with white cotton gloves.

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Art advice.

The choice of what to buy is yours, but you are not alone.

Who is behind FRAEMd?

Being passionate about technology and art, we aim to make high quality art from emerging artists worldwide, accessible to everyone.

We were looking to find an answer to the challenges artists and galleries face in reaching their niche target group, globally.

And so FRAEMd was born - aiming to become the leading online platform for art buyers when looking for emerging art. We would love to hear your feedback.


Sanne Staps - Chief Executive Officer
Floor Serto - Chief Creative Officer

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