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Emerging art.

Be the first to discover and purchase the art today that will also be valued tomorrow.

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Accessible prices 7202768a2a723427a17580a3908f254d2d582c8e56520d7d69b035a335f122c1

Accessible prices.

Great art can be friendly priced. Our proof: we only show artworks up to € 10.000.

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Proof of authenticity.

The real deal? Yes, every artwork is signed by the artist and comes with a proof of authenticity.

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Free shipping & returns.

Your art ships FREE to any address in The Netherlands. Live with it for 14 days and if it doesn’t work, we’ll pick it up. No questions asked.

Preview on your own wall.

For some of you a match with your interior is important. That’s why we’ve built in the option to view the artwork on your own wall. Intrigued? Take a picture and we’ll do the rest.


Let's talk art.

Who are the young talents to be following and how are prices of artworks established? Learn more about the art world in quick-to-read bits and get sneak peeks into the homes of inspiring collectors.

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